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Mother-Daughter Story

Audrey & Cole is a mother-daughter Canadian small business founded in 2019, and anchored in the City of Mississauga, within the province of Ontario.
The efficacy of our parfums, remedies and body souffles, provide skin care wellness that is environmentally friendly, organic, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced, consciously made and accessible.

Audrey & Cole was born out of a journey of cancer recovery and deep healing. The business is rooted and stemmed in generational hormonal health, faith, truth, courage, naturalized wellness and deeply reflective self-care.


All products embody eloquent compositions of floral fragrances, and essential oils, grounded in God’s truth for our lives, which we believe will naturally benefit your health and wellness. Through a continued shared mother-daughter journey of healing, recovery, self-discovery, health and wellness, we're committed to honourable,  transparent and sustainable business practices to enrich your body, mind and spirit.

Audrey & Cole is a lifestyle brand you can trust.

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